GT4 Tram Upgrade

Buying a new city transport is a rather expensive undertaking. To save some of the money and not lose in quality will help a process such as modernization. In this article, we will look at modernization using the example of the GT4 tram. Customer requirements included modernization:

  • the interior of the passenger compartment with seats, handrails and lighting equipment;
  • driver’s cab with cab body, driver’s panel, cab interior, wiper,
  • windshield washer, lighting equipment and glass;
  • the case of the end part of the second carriage with light equipment, a frame and a lower bumper.

The team of specialists of International Business Cooperation LLC got acquainted with all the requirements and initial data and proceeded to the immediate execution of the order. Next, we describe the steps that have been taken to achieve the desired result for the client.

The modernization of the GT4 tram is a laborious and responsible process. Therefore, MDS carries out modernization in several stages:


  1. Design.

At this stage, the following actions occur:

  • Study of the source data. A team of specialists receives initial data from the customer, gets acquainted with the basic requirements for materials. Based on these data, specialists draw up a detailed plan and clarify all the important points.
  • Development of detailed technical specifications. At this stage of work, the development of technical specifications and regulatory and technical documents is carried out.
  • Development of structural layout schemes and selection of equipment.
  • Coordination with the customer of the intermediate stages of design.
  • Approval of preliminary design.
  • Adjustment and detailing of the final design.


  1. Production.

After going through the process of studying, developing and making adjustments at the design stage, you can proceed to the main and very large-scale part – production.

  • Production of fiberglass products (for the modernization of the GT4 tram: surface preparation of model equipment, coating, matrix manufacturing, product formation, installation).
  • Aluminum panels. This is another important part in production, the process of which consists of many sequential steps from writing programs for a CNC machine to installing fixtures.
  • Production of handrails.
  • Purchase of equipment. These include: wiper and washer systems, lighting equipment (in accordance with customer requirements).
  1. Tests.

At the third stage, the MDS conducts a series of tests for fire safety, for structural strength, first in the factory laboratory, and then in the accredited testing center.

  1. Assembly.
  2. Holding the FAI.
  3. Packing and delivery.

Модернизация трамвая GT4

Thus, International Business Cooperation LLC has reached full compliance with the desired customer result. The team did a great job and each stage began only after all the previous steps were completed, and the subsequent ones were previously agreed. As a result of the work, the modernization of the GT4 tram was successful, the client received all the necessary parts of the tram and all the necessary documents. And MDS began preparing for serial production.

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