IBT GmbH is a manufacturer of industrial fiberglass products.

If you recognized yourself in one of the questions, then you definitely went to the desired site:

  • Today's supplier cannot handle the volume and is limiting your activity to this?
  • Need a price optimization?
  • Have a new project and need a new supplier for this?
  • Do you need to repeat the product according to the sample?

Our mission

Our highest satisfaction is when the customer is satisfied!

Why us?

  • 25 years of experience in the EU market and around the world;
  • we guarantee quality products, delivery on time and compliance with all regulations;
  • we have balanced prices;
  • we employ specialists who have passed ISO 9001: 2015 certification;
  • our products are certificated and fulfil the requirenment EN 45545-2 HL2;
  • we can make products according to your sketch, drawing or sample.

The IBT GmbH company manufactures fiberglass products of any complexity, in a single copy according to an individual order (for example, a registration desk, a company logo of any size and shape, trains and special-purpose vehicles, etc.) or provides serial production with regular deliveries to the Customer.

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+49 8212 0965 397
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+49 8212 0965 397