IBT GmbH is a manufacturer of machine-building composites.
Our task is to provide the industry with high-quality products from glass composites.

Our mission

Our highest satisfaction when customer is satisfied!

We make products according to the pattern. In this we are helped by many years of experience in the production of products from composite materials for a wide range of applications.
We make the product according to the design documentation provided by you.
If you know how this should be done, but you do not have samples or design documentation, then we develop, being guided by our great experience and operating conditions.
We carry out a full cycle of production - from the development of design documentation to the delivery of finished products: we develop design, 3D model, drawings, develop the technical process, we prepare the production, we make tools and accessories, we milling prototypes on 3D milling cutters, we purchase and store the necessary materials, we conduct the first acceptance of products (FAI) and produce products.

We produce both single products and serial.

IBT GmbH manufactures control panels and full-size models of consoles, performs assembly work, installs exterior panels and interior, manufactures fiberglass components for the body of the car, manufactures special components.

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