Interior and exterior set for K1E6 for Egypt

In 2017 a Ukrainian tram manufacturer contacted us. The client won a tender for the supply of new trams K1E6 for Egypt.

The customer already had the design documentation (drawings and models) prepared by another contractor. Our task was to manufacture prototypes, tooling and products.

Our developers studied the received documentation. They noticed that it is possible to make the initial design more practical and reliable. And also the Customer could reduce the cost for manufacturing and subsequent painting of the exterior parts of the tram. We discussed  our proposals with the Customer and entered them into the documentation. Then we proceeded to the production of prototypes and tooling.

After the first step of production was done, we made sets of exteriors and interiors, which were later installed on the frame and went to Egypt.

The K1E6 tram car consists of two sections connected by a flexible passage with a swing floor. New car has 30 seats. The total number of passengers is 206 people. This allowed to increase the throughput significantly  by almost 3 times. The interior of the car is made of fiberglass panels. They fully comply with fire regulations. Also such panels provide anti-vandalism and they are easy to replace in case of significant damage.


Tram K1E6 is a 22 m long articulated high floor tram. These are the first new trams in Alexandria in 60 years. The newest ventilation, air conditioning and navigation system, a spacious modern salon and a design corresponding to today's developing metropolis, pleases not only residents, but also guests of the city. Drivers note that the cab's ergonomics and increased viewing angle make work much easier.

We are glad to be able to take part in such a project.

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