Modernization Tatra T3. Ukrainian tram "Odyssey"


IBT GmbH acts as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of the Tatra T-3 series tram interior kit, which includes:
- the interior of the passenger compartment with seats, handrails and lighting equipment;
- driver's cab with a cab body, driver's console and cab interior;
- the body of the end part of the second car with lighting equipment, frame and lower bumper.

The interior and equipment of the tram ensures full compliance with the requirements of fire safety, visibility, safety, and impact resistance.
The control panel is designed in full compliance with the standards of the country of operation and was tested at the prototyping stage. The console body is made of composite materials, which made it possible to create truly plastic solutions. The styling of the console is designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic requirements and fits into the overall aesthetic space of the cab.

The tram interior kit is made exclusively from certified materials of our own production; accompanied by a complete set of permits confirming compliance with UIC 564-2. EN 45545-2, GOST 12.2.056, GOST 12.1.044; is already used on trams of the Astra GT-4 Armonia, K1-E6A, Tatra T-3UA series.

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